Degree (Merit) Illustration
École Pivaut

Degree Art History
Université des Sciences Humaines
de Poitiers



Ingrid Chabbert
Edition d’Orbestiers - Rêves Bleus

October 2012

Jean-Pierre, Le Poisson Pané
Stephanie Nervesa
Edition d’Orbestiers - Rêves Bleus

October 2013

La Découverte de Laïme
Elisabeth Porte/Laura Stumbriene
Terra Publica
November 2014

Un Baobab pour Lady Lily’
Caroline Hurtut Edition d’Orbestiers -Rêves Bleus
November 2017

Amandine Dugon was born in Potiers, France and studied illustration at École Pivaut, Nantes.

She published her first book ‘Boubouh!’ with author Ingrid Chabbert in 2012 – now being made into an animated television series – She has been working on her fourth book ‘Un Baobab pour Lady Lily’ for Edition d’Orbestiers – Rêves Bleus which has been released in November 2017.

Amandine lives and works from her cosy little flat in Bethnal Green, London